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Feature Article Ideas For Sports Writers

| January 11, 2017 | Yanina Carrasquill | 0

If you love sports, one way you can turn your passion into a career is by becoming a sports writer. Newspapers have sports sections that you contribute to. There are also many magazines that are dedicated to sports and you can join the writing staff of such a publication. Your articles can be newsworthy such as the latest updates on what has been going on in the world of sport. They can also be feature articles that focus on a particular theme and discuss them extensively. Feature articles are not time sensitive and you can work on them for a period of time by interviewing various personalities and gathering research. Writing some of your own feature articles and publishing them online (such as in a personal blog) is also a great way to get recognized by a magazine or a newspaper and secure your place as a writer there. If you want some ideas on what kind of feature articles you can write to showcase your skill, we have compiled a few for your inspiration.

Writing about adventure sports

Adventure sports is a topic that is always interesting to read about perhaps because they’re not the kind of sports that everyone can take part in. Therefore you can do a piece on different types of adventure sports and profile leaders in that field. If you are starting out as a writer it might be difficult for you to get access to the stars of the sport. You can instead write an article profiling different types of equipment that is used in those sports such as Cyclocross bikes or rock climbing gear. You will be able to get some good interviews with manufacturers who will appreciate the opportunity to get some free publicity.

You can also write about making these sports more accessible to everyday individuals. You can advice them on how to get started for example by telling them where they can find giant mountain bikes for sale or where to find white water rafting instructors.

The world of golf

Golf is a game popular among businessmen. You can also visit a few golf courses and write some profiles on their various features. Golf courses are known for their scenic beauty and such an article will be appealing even to those who don’t have a particular interest in the game itself.

The gentleman’s game.

Cricket is extremely popular in Asia and you can gain a large readership by writing an article about this subject. You can also write on the business side of the game such as the revenue earned by T20 tournaments.

Hosting a successful event

| November 22, 2016 | Yanina Carrasquill | 0

How does one define if an event is successful? It is through the participants? Is it through the revenue generated or is it through the reputation that is earned after the event? The criteria of measurement of success of a certain event depend on the type of the event. However, it could be pointed out that an achievement of a definite event is a mixture of the positive reaction from the participants, the revenue and the opportunities that have opened up through this certain event. Hosting an event takes much dedication, and making that event successful takes even more commitment.
In order to see that all this commitment is worth the effort, one must first set up a list of goals for the event. The secret to organizing an event that will turn out to be successful is through constant planning and following up with the plans. One cannot take a risk to lose the focus that will be there focusing on the event. Everything ranging from deciding to sell tickets online to tasks such as post-event promotion through after movies and photographs should be planned from the start, know more at However, planning is not enough. Constant revising of the plans and actual implementation of these plans play significant roles in making an event successful.
It is always good to have a to-do-list and follow up with it. Even the slightest task cannot be ignored and everyone who is involved in the organization of the event should fulfill their responsibilities with the maximum capability. It is through teamwork and effort that a certain event gains the reputation that it gains.  A good tip would be to divide the organizers to several teams that would take care of certain tasks. As an example, a certain set of individuals could be put in charge of ticketing for events and another set could be in charge of handling the light and the sound systems that are much necessary to an event.
There are many firms that offer their expertise in the field of event management and there are some firms that specialize in certain tasks such as ticketing, sound mixing and even minor construction. Obtaining the assistance of such firms would be a great help and it would be much needed in order to host a certain event successfully. One simple thing to know is that if you offer the participants what they expect from the event, the event will have a very high chance of being a successful one. However, this should be done through keeping the finances in mind.

The Top 8 Fashion Mistakes Men Make When Wearing A Tie

| October 14, 2016 | Yanina Carrasquill | 0

Tie is one of the very important accessories a man should wear with formal attire. Many work places make it mandatory for their employees to wear a tie during the working hours. Tie gives a formal and a smart look to any man, but the trick is to wear it correctly. Also, there are many varieties of formal ties for women as well. Ties are available in many colours and designs, it is very important to choose one according to the occasion, age and colour combination of the rest of the attire. Nowadays, skinny ties are in fashion. From young students to office going professionals, these fashionable ties have been adopted by people from diverse age groups. Mens clothing online Australia are suitable for particular occasions and only suit people who can carry out them well. In this article we will discuss some very common mistakes men make while wearing a tie. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-

•    Poorly tied – When you wear a tie it is the second thing people notice after your face. A tie should be tied up perfectly. Some small mistakes which can be categorised into poorly tied tie are – a tie which is tied too long or too short in length, too small not which does not cover or fill the gap in between the collar, a knot which shows off the tie’s narrow end which should be at the back.
•    Short length – Ideally a perfect tie should be long enough to reach the middle of the belt buckle you wear. Any tie which is tied shorter in length is not at all accepted. It ruins the entire look of your formal attire. There are special long length ties for tall people.
•    Novelty ties – Some people have very unique taste when it comes to ties. Any ties with big pictures in it fall in the category of novelty ties. Novelty ties are only meant to be worn on holidays like Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July etc. One should not wear these ties for any other day.
•    Colours and patterns – Generally men are least bothered about colour combination when it comes to ties. Yes, you have to match your tie with the rest of your attire.  You should choose tie colour which compliments your suit and shirt. Men wear wrong colours and patterns which becomes a disaster with the formal suit.
Men should understand that formal dressing is not just about picking out the right shirt and suit. Small things like ties also make a big difference in your formal look.

Types Of Smoke People Inhale; On Purpose

| October 11, 2016 | Yanina Carrasquill | 0

We eat and drink a lot of things in our lifetime. We also wear things, live and go to the ends of the earth simply because we can and because we want to. We as humans and free people have that choice and the luxury of doing as we please. We also smoke a lot of different things because we can and we want or sometimes even need it. While some of these are harmful to the body, others provide a sweet escape most of us crave or the entertainment or sometimes even the medicine we need. Here are some of the most commonly used smokes of our time.

The tobacco -Tobacco is one of the most commonly used herbs for smoking. This dark green brownish substance is something some of us need to survive. While consuming numbers in wholesale cigarettes can be extremely harmful to the body due to the nicotine in it and the adverse effects it has on the lungs and the internal organs of our body, some still find the puff extremely relaxing and helps them get through stressful situations.

The cigars are considered a more socialite option, mainly due to the fact that it is more expensive. The Cuban cigars are some of the most venerated in the world and is a symbol of money and power. In the modern world however, these can be bought via cigars Australian online without the hassle of worrying about the logistics. The price however remains high marking it a sign of wealth and good taste to be puffing a cigar. 

Shisha -This is a smoke that originated in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region where the coal heats up the flavored water to create steam which is then inhaled into the body via a pipe. While some have nicotine, other forms of shisha is simply flavored water and what you want needs to be picked out from the many flavors on the market. There are some interesting flavors on the market from fruity ones to minty to chocolate.

The flavors which are said to hold nicotine are apparently ten times worse on the body than smoking a cigarette so unless you really want the rush of the nicotine, the shisha with the flavored water alone is definitely the better choice. For those who are trying to quit smoking, this is a good transition point, assuming the nicotine is left out from the mixture used. This will give you the same sensations plus a nice flavoring at the back of your throat while still helping you reducing the nicotine addiction.

The ‘Fat’ Syndrome

| October 6, 2016 | Yanina Carrasquill | 0

Females today are very concerned about their weight, about being overweight or “fat”, that is. Some of them, almost too much. Even regular, healthy girls are getting very conscious about their weight and bodies as they are under constant social pressure that they are not slender enough. A main reason for this phenomena is the media. The media is able to exert such a strong influence on societal habits and perceptions as people today rely very much on media for information. Media is also everywhere, on televisions, radios, the internet, on people’s phones and tablets.

The media has learnt that the audience wants to look at perfect, beautiful things, landscapes or people and in order increase viewership, they have to give viewers what they want. Thus, the media filters the content that reaches the audience, only portraying the best angles of different situations. Content such as celebrity news have created unrealistic ideals of beauty among people in society and the effect on females seem to be particularly strong.
A female’s beauty tends to be more valuable as portrayed in the media today and consequently, females tend to care more about their appearances compared to men. As females compare themselves to slender celebrities they see on television, there is an increasing pressure to attain these beauty standards as females begin to expect this of themselves and between their peers. As such, perfectly healthy ladies begin to perceive themselves as ‘fat’ compared to the ideal figures that they see.

The subject of losing weight is common topic among ladies and many of them are well informed about the various solutions available in today’s market that can burn fat with the help of protein powder for weight loss. Natural health supplements is one of the newer and more natural products available but they may not be as popular or effective as weight loss pills. When it comes to maintaining one’s figure and appearance, health considerations seem to take a back seat as many consumers opt for artificial drugs that can promise the fastest results. This can be dangerous as diet pills are not subject to rigorous testing required for prescription drugs that ensures it is safe for human consumption.
Some pills can cause serious side effects on consumers or harm their health. Different pills also work differently for different people and body shapes and it is best to consult a physician, pharmacist or dietician before taking diet pills. Some pills do cause consumers to lose weight but not in the best way such as when consumers lose muscle or water content in their bodies rather than burning fat. As such, consumers should not take pills without first getting proper advice.

It is unfortunate that many young girls today fall prey to media’s influences, causing perfectly healthy girls to feel insecure about themselves. Society does need to provide more support especially to young people in giving them the right advice so they do not end up hurting themselves.

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