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We Can Assist You In Making Better Valve Selections

| June 16, 2022 | Yanina Carrasquill | 0

slurry valves

The BTV lined butterfly valve is a three-layer gasket that stacks without support. Shaft seal with bubble the shaft seal is gradually activated ensuring an extremely safe operation. The round sphere and circle of the fixing/covering spacer form the essential joint in the centre of the plate. With its complex traverse plane, a free diacritic of PTFE-coated PFA helices on the circular shaft develops additional fixation. Finally, the O-rings cling to the amalgam bodies providing additional coverage against outside vehicle consumption as well as climate spills. A compression spring provides a leak seal by maintaining dynamic preload while powering various components of the three-axis seal design. This dynamic load bearing shaft seal requires no adjustment at all. The HPV Lined Butterfly Valve is a modern design that offers exceptional tripping protection (bubble break) along with a high CV value and long service life.

Teflon Butterfly Cover

The newest style of butterfly valve is the Teflon coated butterfly valve. Because the typical valve has a coated body and disc, it can withstand attack from the most corrosive chemicals. Where more resistance is required, Teflon lined butterfly valves can be fitted with a variety of metal discs. The valve’s key features are presented below, illustrating why it is a popular choice in the industry. The Triple Seal is a maintenance-free, stress-free design that provides a bubble-tight seal:

  • Ball and socket seals/rings form the primary seal at the centre of the disc, while the separate secondary seal of Teflon-coated helices on the disc body improves sealing with an uncomplicated design its leakage.
  • Finally, the alloy O-ring provides an additional layer of protection against corrosion from external liquids as well as leaks into the atmosphere.
  • Compression washers seal by maintaining a dynamic preload while powering various components of the three-axis washer design.
  • Dynamic intake shaft seals never need adjustment.
  • Thanks to the epoxy coating on the body and mounting plate, it is resistant to air corrosion.

Choosing the right slurry valve for a new project can be difficult. Sludge type, pressure, temperature, cycle frequency, insulation, throttling requirements and other factors must all be considered. How will the valves be maintained afterwards? Accessibility and repair ability must be included in your design. With so much to consider, we’re here to make it easier for you. We can help you make more informed choices so you can design with confidence.

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