Month: July 2020

Software Or The Soul For Life

| July 14, 2020 | Yanina Carrasquill | 0

We all are living in an era where things are all E and E commerce has already taken everything and replaced almost everything. In order to understand the concept of a software and hardware in the field of IT one can understand that the hardware is like a human body and Mudshark software is something considered as a soul of the body. Hardware is important but cannot operate without the correct software. There are so many aspects which one has to understand in order to understand the whole scenario of IT field because, everything in the field of IT is revolving around the globe of software and hardware nothing else. There are so many types of software and there is ample number of software available in the market, but still things can be bifurcated in two broad categories which are described below:

Application software:

There are normally two types of software one is application software. Application software is something which is designed for some specific purpose and not for generic use. In order to understand this in a better way, application software is something like windows, WhatsApp, Viber and so much more. All these have been designed to cater some special purpose and reason. There is a specific purpose single use of that application. So all the software on android stores are application software and not the other kind of software which we will discuss in a moment. There are so many things which one can do using application software, but then again that particular software must be designed for that specific purpose and nothing else.

System software:

This type of software is actually the ground for the application software to perform, without system software application software or any other software cannot work. There are so many system software such as: windows and every type of windows service packs and what not? After the invention of system software things become different and easier for the people to understand the chapter of new era and the difference between system and application software. There are things which are still under construction for the betterment of the system and E-era. System software is the protocol which the hardware has to follow. Okay! in order to get this right one can say that the hardware is something which is totally dependent on the system software because it allows the hardware to work in a particular way. Whereas, application software runs on the same hardware but not without the help and assistance of the system software; hence system software is the intermediary between the hardware and the application software.

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