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Benefits Of Lysaght Roof System

| June 19, 2019 | Yanina Carrasquill | 0

This system of Lysaght roofing in Sydney provides a wide range of color coated roofs, made from a variety of steel types to choose from. The steel used is mostly of high strength, having capabilities with better uplift performance. This roofing system is usually preferred because of its aesthetic appearance, long life, environment- friendly attribute, being able to withstand high winds and impact load etc.  

Why Lysaght? 
The different types and designs are available to suit a particular type of roofing according to the client’s requirement. 

  • Lysaght trimdek optima is known to have square fluted steel cladding made available in long lengths; majorly used in industries, infrastructure, commercial and residential projects. It has bold, widely spaced ribs. To provide creativity and versatility to building designs, it is available in both convex and concave shapes. The design advantages include low fitting costs, unique anti-capillary side lap making it leak proof, availability in various colors. 
  • Salike tile is considered to have a wider and durable steel profile, as well as being aesthetically pleasing in roof appearance. The profile is easy and quick to install, handle and transport. It is ideal for commercial and residential applications. Salike tile is designed to provide aesthetic look to a building. This type of tile also has anti-capillary and leak proof feature. It is also known to how superior performance against all weather conditions. Also, it is light weight and easy to install, and has better corrosion resistance. 
  • Lysaght panelrib is a subtle fluted wall cladding profile, ideal for applications where a near flat surfaces are required. It has longitudinal flutes that provide rigidity to the design, as well as full flexibility along the entire width. It is considered an attractive, slightly fluted wall and ceiling cladding profile suitable for many applications where a flat sheet would not be normally considered. Design benefits include the slightly fluted panels, giving an attractive and aesthetically pleasing look. It is also considered to be a light weight wall cladding, suitable for interior and exterior application. Hence, it can be considered an ideal option for false ceiling and wall partition. There is an option of installing the panels either in vertical or horizontal direction.  
  • Lysaght Zed-plus and Cee-plus system consists of quite accurately roll-formed from high strength zinc coated steel to provide and efficient, lightweight, economical roofing and cladding support system for framed structures. Its main feature is the load bearing capability, light weight and easy installation. Also, the maintenance cost is lower and cladding fixing is easier and quicker. 

The roof system in any residential or commercial area is often considered to have a strong and aesthetically pleasing structure. Hence, Lysaght roofing is commonly seen being chosen from a variety of other systems, as it provides panels and fluted roofs with higher strength, aesthetically good in appearance, having the capability of withstanding any type of weather conditions and winds.  Also, the cladding fixing is easier and low maintenance costs. 

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